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Chris Messina, product designer

Chris Messina is a well-known user experience designer and advocate of the open web, starting his efforts in 2004 with the launch of Firefox. He has since served on the boards of the OpenID and Open Web Foundations and played an instrumental role in the industry-wide adoption of OAuth.  

He recently worked at Google, where he created the Google Developers brand and website, and lead the redesign of the Google profile, unifying 46 discrete representations of a person across the company's various products.  

In 2007, he invented the hashtag, and co-founded coworking after having launched BarCamp in 2005. 

A regular speaker at conferences like SXSW and Web 2.0 Expo, he has been quoted in The New York Times, Business Week, LA Times, Washington Post, and Wired as a leading expert in his field. 

He resides in San Francisco.

Short version (<50 words)

Friend to startups, inventor of the hashtag, former Googler, and proud participant in the open source/open web communities, Chris Messina lives in San Francisco. He co-founded the BarCamp and coworking communities, and advanced a number of important open and social web technologies.


“A well known advocate for open source, and one of the voices behind OAuth ... Messina has a history of thinking beyond where we are today and proposing concrete ideas that can be acted upon immediately.” -Louis GrayKeep A Close Eye on Chris Messina for the Web's Future

“Chris' shepherding of the Barcamp movement has changed the world.” -Alexander Muse, CEO, Big in Japan

“Chris is the guy with the vision. He, more then anyone, helped us define a vision for what Flock should be all about, and was then able to articulate that vision to the world and get people excited about it. It's an amazing talent.” -Bart Decrem, Founder and CEO, Flock, Inc

“Chris needs no introduction. He's the pragmatic visionary testing the hypotheses that aver a more sovereign, interoperable and innovative Web. It's extremely likely that you don't know how much *you* need him to succeed.” Rob Lord, Co-Founder of Winamp and Songbird

“How does Chris Messina always manage to have the best ideas about the most interesting work two years before the rest of us? I have no idea and I don't care. The ability to harness the future for the benefit of others and not simply yourself? That's a cowboy I want to ride with.” - Kevin Smokler, CEO, Booktour

“Chris has turned out some amazing and elegant designs for our events that have made them stand out as professional affairs. His visual genius is matched only by his genteel nature. A true friend, visionary, and thinker.” David Weekly, Founder and Chairman of PBWorks (formerly PBwiki)


Open web advocate:

BarCamp, Coworking, Diso;

Can has openness?

Awards, recognitions, and distinctions



  • Elected to a one year term on the board of the Open Web Foundation


  • Elected to a two year term on the board of the OpenID Foundation
  • Google-O'Reilly Open Source Award winner.


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