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I've decided to capture bug reports that I file with various software makers and other folks as a way to check up and see how effective I am at seeing changes that I need or want made.






Status Classifications


  • Unresolved: the initial state of a bug report
  • Acknowledged: the developer has accepted the bug and is working on a solution
  • Fixed: the developer claims that the problem has been fixed
  • Resolved: the issue has been satisfactorily resolved
  • Invalid: mitigating or counterveiling issues caused the issue and is not related to the presumed application
  • Duplicate: the issue has already been reported
  • WontFix: no action will be taken in response to the issue


This list is modified from the list of issue states in Google's Code Hosting service. See AppleBugClassifications.



See Elsewhere


See also: FeatureRequests

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