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Protocol Conclusions


Conclusion of the first round of the protocol discussion:


  • We want various kinds of ID's to be exchangable.
  • some concepts XMPP are explained (Ralph).


80% use cases


  • Profile Aggrigator (OpenID)
  • Access Privacy (profile, contacts, stuff I own, claim stuff/ publications)
  • Migratio n of data/ ownership
  • Content discovery/ finding stuff
  • Set privacy (noindex, etc)
  • Consolidation of data/ profiles
  • Personal Messaging
  • OpenId - reflection of profiles/ relations
  • Referencing accross sites
  • Control of representation of copy
  • Pingback when your object has been used/ altered.




What to make/ get after this workshop


To be able to 'package' FSN we need to work out some things. (and thing to be published on the website)


  • Clear story
  • Name of this thing.
  • Naming convention
  • List of requirements.
  • Protocol (needs to thought out for 100%)
  • RDF (80%) (data exchange)
  • Jabber pubsub protocol + atom publishing protocol.
  • Jabber HTTP Gateway
  • What 'reference software' will be written first:
    • Plugins to communicate with a XMPP gateway
    • 'Reading' plugins (connecting and reading from the XMPP gateway)




  • 13 december there will be a server online for draft specs, documentation, discussion
  • 1st of januari pubsub jabber thingy (alpha)
  • 15th januari HTTP Gateway (to play with)
  • A bit later in febuari (you know what we mean) reference /demo software mentioned befor to play with.

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