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Sent 10/2007


Message from: Chris Messina


Heya, have you guys considered implementing OAuth (oauth.net), a new protocol for desktop client authentication? It'd be great to have you guys supporting this new protocol, which is an extraction of Google, Yahoo and Flickr authentication protocols.


Let me know if you have any questions.


Also, any thoughts on adding support for APML?




Received Oct 6, 2007


Hi Chris,


I only recently found out about OAuth. I've known APML for some time now. We are totally into supporting these standards. Right now you can use an XML API to get to all the Slifeshare data. Going to APML would not be too hard I think.


We will look into it and see how much work is involved. Long term we want to be behind these initiatives, no doubt.


Thanks for your feedback,




Edison Thomaz

Slife Labs, LLC

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