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  • Facilitate the creation of libraries optimized for specific languages, rather than continuing to port the Python libraries 
  • Facilitate the creation of a test suite and servers against which libraries and implementations can be evaluated, tested and improved
  • Centralize OpenID libraries to GitHUB or Google Code
  • Improve documentation
  • More screencasts
  • Advance plugins for browsers for identity management in the browser (IDIB)
  • Enable of the use of email addresses in OpenID flows (EAUT)
  • Advance the state of site-meta and XRD formats
  • Harmonize the delta between OAuth and OpenID
  • Get the Foundation to take over OpenIDEnabled.com
  • OpenID code sprints

Community Building

  • Identity-centric/Open Stack events
  • SpreadOpenID
  • Improve planet.openid.net (design, content, activity stream)
  • create openid.net/testsuite for testing people's OpenIDs -- and explaining what can be detected/discovered on an OpenID endpoint
  • OpenID Implementors Workshops
  • Open Stack Workshop at Web 2.0 Expo 
  • Marketing materials for companies, advocates
  • Create a network of Open Stack advocates
  • College program
  • Design bounty
  • Development bounty programs
  • Develop OpenID.net social network -- modeled after DjangoPeople.net
  • Regularly feature/highlight/promote new OpenID implementations
  • Increase support for and advocacy of international OpenID members
  • Increase the amount of translated OpenID documentation
  • Increase the diversity of OpenID membership/supporters
  • Spotlight good OpenID implementations -- modeled after DjangoSites.org



  • Surveys on brand awareness
  • Working with designers, writers, bloggers to tell the story
  • Solidify the brand identity of OpenID and how to refer to OpenID and use the logo/workmark
  • develop liberal trademark usage guidelines 
  • move to new logo design/colors


  • fix up /specs
  • add page with profiles of board members
  • redesign planet.openid.net and improve appearance
  • overhaul homepage
  • take over openid.com and openid.org
  • work with the folks at openidexplained.com to develop explain.openid.net
  • implement UserVoice feedback widget on the site


  • Regular testing of interfaces and public results
  • Regular testing of identity in the browser technologies
  • Continue regular OpenID UX Summits
  • OpenID for client/desktop devices
    • we need a specific approach to OpenID implementation in browsers
  • OpenID on mobile devices
  • OpenID in consoles and gaming platforms


  • Telling the story of the Open Stack 
  • Competing with Facebook Connect
  • More case studies/success stories (see Amazon's Success Stories)
  • OpenID book


  • Increase benefits to membership
  • Create a free class of membership
  • Encourage student membership and outreach programs

Needs investigation

  • OpenID payment
  • OpenID account claims
  • OpenID-based messaging

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