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People sometimes come to me looking for certain things, hoping that I can hook them up or help them find someone to fill a role. I figured I'd jot these down here in case someone stumbles upon this. 

  • Geoffrey McCaleb of Nsyght is looking for any Flash/Widget developers that would be interested in some easy pro-bono work to help out Nsyght? For the first time they will be exposing a lot of cool data via RSS and JSON. He'd love to use one of the pre-packed widgets from Kickapps or the like, but they just don't display the data the way they need. Contact him if interested.
  • Jim Greer of  Kongregate is looking for a Product Distribution Director. Send resume and cover letter to jobs@kongregate.com.
  • Nica Lorber is looking for applied CSS work that she could learn from.
  • Will Norris says that USC is looking for 2-3 developers (mostly java) interested in Identity Management, Web Services, all that good stuff. Leads? Contact him.
  • Bart Decrem (with whom I worked on Spread Firefox and Flock) is looking for a Rails-based sysadmin in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley. Contact him.
  • Eran Hammer-Lahav is looking for a cofounder and an AJAX/UI designer for Nouncer.
  • Amaya Becvar is looking for ethnographic/usability work in San Francisco. Let me know if you've got anything.


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