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Bug ID# 5542332.


Title: Attaching a second display causes WebKit interface elements to be nonresponsive

Product: Safari

Version: 3.0.3 (522.12.1)

Classification: UI/Usability

Is It Reproducible?: Sometimes



When I attach a second monitor often WebKit's interface buttons become non-responsive. I have to minimize WebKit to the Dock and then maximize it in order to restore functionality.


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. launch webkit, load a few tabs.
  2. attach a second display.
  3. move webkit to new display and attempt to click on various interface elements, like the yellow minimize button or the URL bar.
  4. generally these interfaces are non-responsive.


Expected Results:

I expected to be able to interact with these interface elements.


Actual Results:

The interface elements were non-responsive (non-clickable).






This happens primarily with 23" Apple Cinema Displays.

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