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Submitted via feedback form on 12/17/2007


2 feature requests & 1 bug




  • as well as save to disk, it would be great if there were a "copy to clipboard" option in the "save, cancel, reveal" set of buttons
  • just as there is the ability to save to a multipage PDF (I never actually use that feature BTW), I'd love a way to queue up a bunch of URLs and "save them all" to disk in a batch. Is that possible?




  • when setting the margin, the textbox is not editable and so unfortunately to change that value, you have to use the increase/decrease arrows


Acknowledged 12/20 by Timothy Breslin, developer:




All good suggestions - we will totally look into them for a future



Thanks for the bug report !





Submitted via feedback form on 4/12/2008


Right-click to copy URL to clipboard


It'd be great if I could right click on an entry in the Web Snapper UI and copy the URL or open the actual URL in a browser, just like I can on a link in a webpage. Simple request, right? ;)


Acknowledged 4/13 by Timothy Breslin, developer:


I fast tracked this one because we are all fans of you. :-)



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